Mushroom Madness


Penny Bun, Cep or Porcini

Absolutely edible

The best you can get!


Even if some critter's had a little nibble first (Below), it's good to share.


NB: When foraging ALWAYS leave 25% behind and shake your 'shrooms so you help to spread the spores as well as the love!

Deliciously delicate Chanterelles


Above: The Blusher

(edible - MUST be cooked)


Below: Panther Cap

(highly toxic)

Amanita Rubescens

Amanita Pantherina



Amanita Muscaria



Beautiful but highly toxic

Fly Agaric

Food for Free Before Goitre Wharf became tree-less.

Cauliflower Mushroom  


*Notice how the colour of the fungus has changed upon gathering. This can be very helpful when identifying fungi*


Shaggy Ink Caps

(edible but handle with care or you'll get ink everywhere!)


The Millers Mushroom

(top & bottom)

The Miller can be identified by its distictive pie crust lid appearance and aroma of raw pastry!


Beefsteak Fungus


Perfect Parasols

(Above and Below)



Nettle, wild garlic and wild mushroom soup


Above and Below

Field Blewitts


Parrot Waxcap

Edible but not much flavour and uncommon so advised to look and dont touch.

What a beauty!




Creative Foraging and Healthy Eating


We are What we Eat

(Does that make me a blooming weedy fun guy?!)


1st EVER homemade cordial



Mobile made with my late mum's driftwood (only taken 16 years to find a use for!)

and my first foraged whelks

(Thank you Dean and Norma for showing me the way and the help when it became too back breaking to carry on!)


Springtime means wild garlic!

With leaves make pestos & soups

With the flowers, salads

Pickle the buds



Wild garlic leaves, flowers and dandelion flower salad.

Learning to love the weeds!


 Wild sorrel, I have just discovered, works really well with hibiscus and ginger to make a fantastic zingy tea.

Be careful with wild sorrel though as extremely high in oxalates which can contribute to kidney stones.


"Everything in moderation"


"A little of what you fancy does you good"




Went a bit bananas with mandala-ing some more inedibles. Wont stop playing with my food!


Fractal Fantastic

Love food that makes you feel good just by looking at it!


Rock Samphire


Sea Lettuce


I see food and I eat it!


Whelks and Sea Lettuce


Nettle Roulade


Lilac cordial, rose water and dried Ground Elder/ Dokudami:

The Ever Growing Pharmacy


Weed'in my Garden


Drying olive leaves to make Olive Leaf extract

(Excellent for persistent coughs)


Garlic Mustard

aka "Jack by the Hedge"

(Above and Below)


Stuffed garlic mustard leaves with honeysuckle and granny's bonnet flowers, pickled garlic buds and simple virgin olive oil & lemon dressing




Recipes and more serving suggestions

for all these and more to be continued!




Cosmic Health Wales is changing with the times!


Please keep checking in to see how as I add more content.

(Once I can find my way around building this website! Haha).


Learning to live with a new normal for over 18 months means



Sadly, due to chronic pain, I can no longer offer the broad spectrum of therapies as I did before (for over 20years!!)  BUT  Cosmic Health can still offer exceptional Reiki training and healthy mind practices.

Please enquire for further details!

If you're interested in the true history of Reiki,

click on this link below:




If you're just finding me for the first time,

Cosmic Health welcomes you!


As you're here, why not have a little look lower down at the limited edition homemade organic teas, and other goodies, I currently have on offer...


But first......Let me share with you a little gem of a therapy I've been practising...


Have you heard of Jin Shin Jyutsu??

(I wouldn't be surprised if you haven't - Nor had I until last year!!)



This 'hands on' healing modality was developed in Japan around the turn of the last century by a gentleman named Jiro Murai. (Also around the same time Dr Mikao Usui discovered and developed the system of Reiki).



The beauty of this therapy is really in it's simplicity.

It is a combination of mudras, acupressure,

JAPANESE merdian & 5 element theory 

Which sounds a LOT but I promise you,

it's NOT as complex as Traditional Chinese Medicine!!

It's deceptively simple, yet HIGHLY effective system

means ANYONE can practice Jin Shin Jyutsu



 To start: 

Simply hold each of your thumbs and fingers for a few

minutes each

Each digit corresponds to an emotion.

The more you do this, the more you will feel the energies shift and reap the benefits.

(I know, that sounds a bit hippy dippy but trust me)

You will feel SO calm and relaxed, it will feel as if you've taken a prescription sedative!!! 

If you are feeling any particular one of these emotions, (look at the hand diagram below) just hold THAT thumb or finger as needed. 

You can also apply some 'first aid' quickies , by simply holding some of the SEL points (as shown below). There are many, many more. Why not come and delve a bit deeper on a Cosmic Introdction to The Art of Jin Shin? It can be as simple as just holding your hands (because each finger and thumb covers ALL the SEL points too), but once you feel the benefits for yourself, I'm sure you'll be interested to learn more!


(Right) Jin Shin Jyutsu

Hand, finger and thumb correspondences to emotions,

organs & elements



(Below Right)

Left to right

Simple finger, thumb & palm holds


(Below)The 26 Safety Energy Locks (SEL's, tsubo or acupressure points) of Jin Shin Jyutsu.


5 Quickie Self Helps


SEL 1: Hold fronts of inner knees

for shock & panic attacks


SEL 8: Hold outer backs of knees to regulate your temperature


SEL 21 (opp. side) & SEL 22: Helps metabolism & weight "projects"


SEL's 1 & 19: (HIGHER than shown below - so, mid outer arm and mid inner thigh).

The MAGICAL sleep inducer


SEL's 5 & 16: Pain Relief


Herb Robert tea (above)

Oxgenates cells, a useful ANTI-carcinogenic

£9.99 per 100g FREE p&p



Ground Elder tea (right and below)

Nicknamed "Goutweed" Does what it says on the tin! Traditionally used for relieving gout, rheumatism, sciatica and inflammation. Also has a culinary use as alternative to flat leaf parsley.

£9.99 per 100g FREE p&p


Above: Mia


Below: The Ground Elder Shanty Shack (aka The drying room - repurposing the garden 'shed' after repurposing the pigeon loft, before it goes to its final resting place. To be replaced (eventually) with an upcycled pallet storage facility and drying room!)

Ground Elder - from garden to gourmet!

Limited Edition!!!


Sweet Strawberry Mini Mala Bracelet


12 Strawberry beads form the main part of the bracelet. Perform your chosen mantra japa back and forth around the circle 9 times which equals 108 repetitions - The traditional number of beads on full size mala beads.


£5 each

£2.50 2nd class tracked delivery



Ceiling fan/ light beaded pulls

Add a highly individual and rustic touch of fun to your bathroon string light or room fan pulls. (Or perhaps you have something else in mind? Please share your ideas!)

£2.50-£4 each

£2.50 2nd class tracked p&p